Tax Legislation

The Senate Finance Committee chaired by Senator Max Bacus recently asked Senators for written proposals for tax reform.  The submission deadline was July 26th.  The catch was that these proposals would be completely secret, going as far as to promise to keep the submissions locked in a safe and only referenced by an id # and encrypted. For more information, see the previously posted article from the National Journal.

Bad politics frequently promotes good comedy, and Stephen Colbert on his Colbert Nation TV show addressed this issue in his July 30th show in a segment called “The Word – Secret Laws & Taxes”.  Here is a clink:—secrets—laws

About Title26

I am a CPA with a MST. I was in public practice for 29 years, during which time I assisted a broad variety of tax clients. I am now an adjunct income tax instructor teaching undergraduate & graduate tax classes. I enjoy tax and tax policy.
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